Retaining Wall

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At Parker Services we know that landscaping is a wide spread phrase that may be used for something as common as mowing the lawn or finishing your shrubs, but it can also be used for something more complex such as the construction of a retaining wall.

You may be considering the use of a retaining wall for various reasons. The two most common being cosmetic reasons and/or because it is needed.

If properly installed, a retaining wall can give your house a unique appearance. A great way to break the monotony and stand out from your neighbors is with the addition of a retaining wall.

Besides esthetics, another reason you may be considering a retaining wall is because you need it. Some land around your house may be a little bit uneven or it may be drastically unlevel. A good way to still be able to utilize this area is to build level areas with retaining walls.

Each new level area of your yard may feature flowers or maybe just grass. Your retaining wall allows the space to be utilized and not have unlevel space that is not usable.

Do you need to construct a retaining wall for your property? Well, more and more homeowners are looking into building retaining walls as part of their landscaping design. If this is your case, please give us a call or use the handy form above. We will contact you immediately and give you a friendly estimate.