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The key to landscaping design, at Parker Services we know how important landscaping can be, not only for the beauty of your home, but for adding value. Curb appeal is paramount in the overall appraisal of your home.

We have all heard how important first impressions are. When someone drives by your house they don't notice the color of your dining room or how updated your master bathroom is, but they do see your landscaping. 

Unity is the key to a successful landscape design. This concept would apply to your entire yard. Your property will need to have a similar look and feel. Giving your home balance and symmetry will add beauty to your home. 

We can create a complete sense of unity to your landscaping design in a number of ways. The most common way of bringing harmony to landscaping design is by using similar types of plants and trees. Additionally, by having a variety of plants and trees of the same or similar height, we bring the whole design of your yard together. It will look wonderful! 

Landscaping design should make use of much more than just plants and trees. We know flowers look great, but they generally only bloom for part of the year; so together, we need to find some other landscaping design elements that will look attractive all year round. To do this we always try to incorporate stones and rocks in our design, or even wood chips just to name a few possibilities. We have even used granite and marble in some of our designs. Having nice little stepping stones, statues or displays in your landscaping can add immediate appeal to the project. 

A theme can go a long way towards making your landscaping design gorgeous. If you love butterflies or hummingbirds, then we will choose plants and flowers that will attract them to your yard and garden. This is an excellent way to showcase your yard and you will always have something fantastic to look at. We know the type of plants and flowers that will work best for this unique plan. 

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